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Wedding Day Survival Kit

June 4, 2018

No matter how much you plan and how detailed you are, wedding day hiccups are bound to happen! We've created a list of items to help in any situation that may arise on your big day. It's best to pack everything, even if you don't think you will need it. You can pass it on to a friend if you don't end up using it. Some kits you can purchase online or you can create the kit yourself! 


Here are some items that should be in all wedding day emergency kits!


1. Mini Sewing Kit - You never know when a dress may split or even a bustle break! It's good to include safety pins as well. 


2. Baby Powder - This is especially important if you have beading on your dress that may rub on your arms.


3. Nail Polish - Be sure to bring the color you are wearing. It is easy to chip a nail in all the hustle and bustle. 


4. Medicine - Pack it all! A headache, allergic reaction, stomach ache, etc. can come up at any time.


5. Deodorant - This is a "can't forget" especially for those summer weddings. There are even spray options now that will not melt and you won't have to worry about marks on a dress.


6. Snacks - Wedding days are busy and most of the time people forget to eat. Have quick and ready to eat snacks available. No one likes a hangry bride!


7. Straws - So you don't ruin that pretty lipstick!


8. Super Glue - To fix a shoe, jewelry, headpiece, etc.


9. Breath Mints - This was something I was constantly asking for on my wedding day and no one seemed to have! You are greeting and talking to so many guests, you want to make sure you have minty fresh breath!


10. Stain Remover Pen - Spills can happen at any time no matter how careful you are. 


11. Lighter - For sealing the edge of frayed ribbons.


12. Eye Drops - No one wants red, itchy eyes. Also, if someone wears contacts, be sure to bring contact solution. 


13. Lotion - For dry spots and flyaways.


14. Umbrella - The weather is unpredictable. Make sure you have at least one umbrella available to cover the bride and groom in the event of rain. 


15. Gatorade - You never know when your energy or sugar can drop. Make sure you have something that can bring your energy back up and keep you hydrated.


16. Static Guard - Especially for your bridesmaid dresses! This will tame down static in one spray!


17. Mini Kleenex Packs - For all the happy tears!


18. Comfy Shoes - Your pumps that you have dreaming about wearing may be good in theory, but after 20 min in them you may be hurting! Be sure to have an extra pair of flats to throw on when you need to switch shoes.


19. Mini Hairspray - To keep your hair in place all day!


20. Alcohol - When all else fails, pop open a mini bottle of wine or a beer! Cheers! 



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