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Guest Blog from Jessica Grabowski

February 22, 2019

I can feel the excitement of the day I got engaged. There’s truly no feeling like it. Especially when you know you have the best person for you. That is so magically how I felt. There are so many engaged ladies that are feeling this way too. And then it comes time to plan everything. Wedding planning can be completely overwhelming. Where to start? So many options and over inspired.

Despite all of this, I was still in heaven planning my wedding. It was the longest year with the most anxiety leading up to my wedding day, September 13, 2014. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Most of my vision was  a “rustic” bride. What can I say? Absolutely loved it at the time! But there were countless times I felt I was in over my head. And to answer your question, no, I did not have a coordinator. I was such a control freak, I just wanted to handle everything (there’s that hindsight!).

All of the DIYwith  each place card, the table numbers and favors, signage. I was enjoying myself so much that I found my true love of calligraphy. I had always had an interest in writing and calligraphy was just a perfect fit once it all came to fruition. I could not only stay involved in this fabulous industry but contribute to couple’s special day. Ah-mazing.


As for the price tag on this magnificent day of my dreams, everything can add up quickly. While we did receive some wonderful assistance from family, we were mostly paying ourselves. Everything adds up quickly but staying organized and knowing what your must-haves are can help the process go seamlessly. When I think about my wedding and the choices I made, I’d love to share some insight to whether you should save or spend and why on these wedding details:


  1. Guest book - save

    1. A guestbook can be such a beautiful piece of your one day you keep with you always. There are so many fun and simple options for you to purchase or DIY! I suggest DIY for this. Pinterest is the perfect place to get started. Think long-term with your guestbook. Where are you going to keep it? How often do you want to see it? I love the idea of a wall hanging guest book because I can always find a spot!

  2. Photography - spend

    1. You have trials. You plan and plan. This is your one day. This is your one chance (no pressure). Don’t blow it and have to rely on just your memories for the years to come. Find yourself a reputable photographer. Even if you don’t need someone high end, find someone whose style matches yours but don’t look for just cheap. Look for experience. These are actual moments you can not get back!

  3. Calligraphy - save and spend

    1. For calligraphy, know what speaks to you. If you have always dreamt of calligraphy envelopes with a matching suite, do them! You will have plenty of spots to save. Table numbers for instance, stay on the low side by downloading digital files for you to print at home and frame/display. Digital signage throughout your wedding can be purchased at a relatively low price, so shop around. For me, place cards were my jam. That was where I wanted to spend.

  4. Coordinator - save and spend

    1. I had to suffer through the headache of no coordinator so I could prepare you! I planned it all out. However, it’s extremely hard to direct the play when you are also the lead. If you don’t have a huge budget, at least look into a day-of coordinator. That’s when I needed the most help. At least a few weeks assistance would have taken so much pressure off of my shoulders. It’s lovely to have family members participate in certain parts of the wedding but your coordinator needs to be 100% not a guest to make sure all of this time and money planning are going towards your perfect vision.

  5. Favors - save

    1. The dredded favors. What are they? A little surprise as a thank you? I’ve seen so many of these left behind. The best situation is when the guest can actually use the item later. Not maybe or sometimes, like actually use it. Something they might pick up at Target. My favorites are ornaments and coasters. I love the idea of ornaments for winter brides obviously. And coasters that are unique and has my name on it? I absolutely love the idea of combining your favor with your seating chart. It’s efficient! Keeping it simple so you can focus on bigger wedding details.


Whatever you choose. Whatever you do. It will all be perfect. I hope these help you while planning.  I’m so happy for all of the 2019 brides and




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